Custom 10/22 ‘survival’ Saddle

by Retro-Tactical on October 4, 2009

I was recently asked to build a custom saddle for a Ruger 10/22. The purpose of the saddle was a bug out survival application requiring the carriage of:

  • 2 Spare 10 round Ruger magazines
  • 50-100 rounds of loose .22LR ammunition
  • A small survival kit

The rifle in question used a Choate folding stock, so a standard saddle could not be used. The gentleman concerned was good enough to ship the stock to me, and upon inspection, I was stuck by how close it was in design to the stock of my Kel-tec Sub2000. That being the case, I figured a KTS2K saddle would fit the stock and I was right, it did indeed.

Here is the stock with a KTS2K saddle in Khaki, with one of the prototype 10/22 magazine pouches attached with MALICE clips. This is a great solution allowing me to add the magazine pouch and a pouch for loose ammunition, but there is no place for the survival pouch. At this time I decided this was going to be a one off project.

First I designed a larger saddle, based on the KTS2K design, but with a larger MOLLE panel and double sided.

In order to fix the saddle to the stock, the inside surface of the saddle was covered in 4″ hook and loop tape, with a strap across the back of the stock to prevent forward and backward motion of the saddle. The Velcro tape gives a good tight fit, and provides a stable platform for the pouches to be attached to.

The color choice for this rig was black, so black 1000D Cordura was used, however, to keep the weight and bulk down, the pouches were lines with ripstop nylon. Early on, I had determined that dark stuff in a black pouch in low light conditions made things hard to see, so I used red Rip Stop – I thought that might also look good with the black.

I was right too – here are a couple of pics of the MOLLE ammo pouch, magazine pouch and survival pouch:

The ammo pouch has a flap that is there to prevent loose rounds from falling out when the pouch is opened. The survival pouch has a couple of elastic loops inside for organisation and rather than using a tab to open the pouch, I’ve put a finger tunnel in there (the two pieces of loop tape form the tunnel).

Assemble with MALICE clips (I am a huge fan of these things) and you have the complete unit as follows:

Here you can see the ammo pouch and magazine pouch fixed to the saddle with the stock folded. Both pouches just clear the stock, and leave plenty of space around the trigger area, such that the rifle can be fired even with the stock in the folded position. The only thing you can’t do with the stock in this position is drop the magazine out, but as this is not a fighting rig, that factor is a minor issue and not  major one.

And here is the survival pouch attached to the stock in the folded position.

I’m very happy with the end result. The survival pouch was going to be 3x5x1 and ended upat 4x5x1 giving the customer a little more space for those essentials and must haves. I also realy like the red, which looks even better in real life than it does in the pictures. With the MALICE clips holding the rig together, it feels very sturdy and I feel confident that this will fill the role the customer has in mind for it.

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